Mindful Bites: Crunchy Bites

If you haven't heard of Mindful Bites, they started on the market with 4 different nut butters, almond, hazelnut, cashew and Brazil nut. They have now created crunchy bites!! These are gluten free crunchy sticks filled with their nut butters, and they are delicious!! There are also 4 flavours of crunchy bites and I have... Continue Reading →

Eating Out on the FODMAP Diet

I often get asked about where I eat out on the FODMAP diet, so I thought I would create this blog post around places to eat across the UK (which I have already tried).  These are all chain restaurants, to ensure my readers outside London can also partake. Just to note I have explored some... Continue Reading →

Nutri-Bombz Brand Ambassador

I'm still in shock!! Late in August I applied to become a Brand Ambassador for Nutri-Bombz and in the first week of September I had an email in my inbox saying I had been picked from hundreds of applicants to work with Nutri-Bombz. I found the brand on Instagram earlier this year and ordered a... Continue Reading →

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