Kombucha Workshop by Jarr Kombucha

I managed to convince Mr FFL to come to a Kombucha workshop with me at Wholefoods on High Street Kensington. The company running the workshop were Jarr. I have previously tried a ginger Jarr Kombucha. So I was interested in trying other flavours, and of course creating my own brew. To give you a little... Continue Reading →

UN1T: Zone Class

As I had a few days off work, around my birthday I thought I would spend one lunchtime trying out a UN1T class (as you do) with my friend Charlie. For full details on the UN1T studio at London Bridge, see my previous post. As it was a Wednesday it meant I would be attending... Continue Reading →

Eating Out on the FODMAP Diet

I often get asked about where I eat out on the FODMAP diet, so I thought I would create this blog post around places to eat across the UK (which I have already tried).  These are all chain restaurants, to ensure my readers outside London can also partake. Just to note I have explored some... Continue Reading →

UN1T: Base Class

On a mild Thursday evening I got the train up to London Bridge after work, to UN1T on Borough High Street. Now this wasn't my first foray into a UN1T class; I had attended one class at Be:Fit in London and also two classes at the Be:Fit Weekender in Loughborough. Although I had never tried... Continue Reading →

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