Timmy Green: Gluten Free Birthday Brunch

My family have an annual tradition of going out for a meal to celebrate birthdays. I realise this is quite a normal tradition but when I began the fodmap diet, I found going somewhere special for my birthday quite difficult. So for the last few years I haven’t been out to eat for my birthday.

As I have been getting more adventurous and confident over the last year, I decided to think back across the places I had been and choose my favourite dish. This was at Timmy Green in Victoria.

Timmy Green is inspired by Australian cafe culture. The atmosphere is a very social one and the vibe is laid back and friendly.

I like the fact each table has different chairs and there is no uniformity but the restaurant is still brought together through a similar theme.

Also they serve brunch until 3pm in the week and 4pm at weekends, so no matter what time you get up, you can still enjoy their culinary delights.

Now on to the food and drink………

To drink, I had an almond milk mocha. The coffee at Timmy Green is very good and very strong. They use Beany Green’s coffee to make their brews. Mum, Dad and I all had coffee, and they all came with different heart designs on the top – what a lovely touch! Mr FFL had a Red Zinger juice (which included beetroot, ginger, carrot and apple).

And now for the best part!!

To eat, I had Coconut Bread French Toast, which comes with Greek yoghurt, raspberries, mango, coconut, bee pollen and in a lovely mini pan on the side, maple syrup. The coconut bread is of course gluten free.

I realise some people on the fodmap diet can not tolerate too much coconut but I find this helping just right for my stomach, as long as I don’t eat other high fodmap items in the day.

The coconut bread French toast is honestly one of the best dishes I have ever tried. The flavour is gorgeous and feels like such a treat.

Mr FFL and everyone else in my family had the Bondi (see the last picture below). The Bondi includes their famous charcoal bread, which is organic, cold fermented activated charcoal sourdough (gluten full). The Bondi also includes back bacon, eggs, sausage, mushroom, avocado and chilli pesto.

For more information on Timmy Green and the whole Daisy Green collection visit: http://www.daisygreenfood.com/venues/timmy-green

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