Burger & Lobster: Gluten Free Dinner Review

Mr FFL and I had booked to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum for the run up to my birthday and Christmas. The biggest decision we had to make was where to eat beforehand!! We went through the list of places close to South Kensington and chose Burger and Lobster.

I have been to Burger and Lobster once before but that was pre-FODMAP. I really enjoyed it the first time, so was looking forward to going back and to see what they could offer me on the fodmap diet.

The whole premise of the restaurant is to focus on three main dishes; lobster, a lobster roll and a burger.

Although they don’t offer gluten free rolls, this didn’t bother me as I came for the Lobster!! If you are interested in the lobster roll or burger, you can have it wrapped in lettuce if you are looking for a gluten free option.

We had a lovely server, who was very informed and made me feel at ease. I spoke to him about my intolerances and took my order, but also confirmed everything 100% with the chef. He did offer two portions of chips instead of the salad if there was gluten in the salad! The chef confirmed the salad was gluten free and had no croutons.

The great news is that their fries are gluten free too!!

The sauces that come with the lobster are either garlic butter or plain butter. As I’m intolerant to garlic, I chose the plain butter sauce.

To note the middle picture above is Mr FFL’s dinner, he had half a lobster and a burger!! He confirmed the burger was very good. To note he has two salads, as the salad does come with onion, so it’s not fodmap friendly! Luckily for me Mr FFL is my food dustbin.

As you can see the lobster was meaty and very juicy! I will definitely be back for more. It sat well with me and was lovely to able to eat in a restaurant like this, it had been too long!!

For more information on Burger and Lobster visit: https://www.burgerandlobster.com/en/

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