9Round: Class Review

A new workout studio opened in Croydon earlier this month and I was excited to go and try it out. It is called 9round. I had never heard of it but looking into the company a little more, it is an international brand!! Class Overview The class is a boxing style circuit and is very... Continue Reading →

Un1t: Squad Class

On a cold, dark, wintry January night, I forced myself to head to Un1T at London Bridge, to complete a Squad class.  I wasn't exactly sure what I had let myself in for, even after reading the summary on their website. Finding your squad, means joining up with two other people in the class and... Continue Reading →

The Viking Method: Class Review

I had been following the Wellscene London for a while and was interested in joining a Sweat and Glow session.  It is no standard workout! A Sweat and Glow session features a room lit only with black light and attendees covered in DIY neon face paint. Wellscene London run two types of events; Sweat and Glow, and Flow... Continue Reading →

Sweat and Sound Event: Aurora

A few people I know have attended previous Sweat and Sound events, and they had all returned with very positive reviews. Some of my Be:Fit London family suggested attending the Aurora Sweat and Sound event at beginning of January. I agreed and we all signed up to the secret event. I will point out that... Continue Reading →

Un1t: Legion Class

To get back into the fitness groove, post illness and Christmas, I decided I would push myself to a Un1t class to remind myself what a real workout is!! I chose to do a Legion class this time, which fatigues your muscle groups through overloading. Each muscle group is focused on one at a time.... Continue Reading →

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