The Viking Method: Class Review

I had been following the Wellscene London for a while and was interested in joining a Sweat and Glow session.  It is no standard workout! A Sweat and Glow session features a room lit only with black light and attendees covered in DIY neon face paint.

Wellscene London run two types of events; Sweat and Glow, and Flow in the dark (yoga/pilates).  As i had a yoga event booked in the day before, i decided to mix it up with a Sweat and Glow Session – The Viking Method.

The Viking Method was founded by Svana Sigbertsdottir – an awesome girl boss with abs to die for.  The Viking Method is functional training style done mainly with your body weight and the odd dumbbell here and there.  She chooses specific exercises that are paired up in a certain way and done within a specific timeframe, which forces you to utilize more energy and oxygen, increasing your fat burning whilst making your muscles lean and toned.

The Viking Method training also creates an after burn, raising your metabolic rate which means you will be burning long after you have stopped training.

All the Wellscene sessions are held at St Martins Lane Hotel, near Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Charing Cross.  St Martins Lane is a beautiful hotel, with exciting design features.

We were directed in to a blue looking room (created by the black light) and sent over to the glow table!! The table was full of different coloured glow sticks, neon paints and paint brushes.  I went to town painting my face and arms with neon paint!!  I created a necklace of glow sticks and a bracelet on each arm.  It was such fun on a Friday night getting creative with lots of lovely ladies and just generally having a fun time.

Svana started the 60 minute workout with some warm up exercises and then we jumped straight into some superset hiit style exercises.  It was a hard workout but fun with all the neon colours around us.

At the end of the session we all recieved a goodie bag and you also get to choose a Friday night drink – smoothie, wine or beer.  The Wellscene want the workout to be fun and social, so encourage a post workout chatter.

Overall i really enjoyed this fitness event, it was a good workout and had the added element of getting to glow in the dark!

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