Gluten Free Freakshake: Cupcakes and Shhht

On a very rainy Saturday in January, I took Mr FFL to Elephant and Castle to find some sunshine in our lives, in the form of unicorns!

I’d learnt about a vegan cafe which served a gluten free freakshake, so I had to go immediately!!

Cupcake and Shhht is just behind the Elephant and Castle shopping centre at the Artworks. The Cafe is pretty small, and can only seat around 12 people but we were lucky enough to get a seat.

They have a great selection of vegan and gluten free cupcakes. I will definitely go back to try more flavours.

I ordered the unicorn freakshake which is made with soya ice cream. The milk within the milkshake can be made with any vegan milk, so mine was of course made with almond milk. My shake was topped with a chocolate and coconut gluten free cupcake!

When I first started on the fodmap diet over 3.5 years ago, I struggled with soya milk and completely took it out my diet. 60mls of soya milk are low fodmap but that isn’t much liquid at all. I thought I would give the soya ice cream a try and see how how my gut faired. Firstly the ice cream was really delicious and creamy! Secondly it has gone down well, I did get a little bloating but nothing too painful. Everything else in the freakshake is fodmap friendly.

The chocolate and coconut cupcake was also delicious! The icing was so soft and sweet.

I can honestly say I will go back for more at Cupcakes and Shhht. It really was a dream to be able to have a freakshake, as I thought I would never get to try one because of the fodmap diet.

For more information visit:

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