Flat Iron: Fodmap and Gluten Free Review

I can honestly say I was very excited to go to Flat Iron, to try their steak and chips. I think partly it was because it was at least five days into my New Year’s diet/trying to keep to my set calories and partly because I had heard such good reviews.

As Mr FFL and I were in town anyway, we hopped on the Overground to Shoreditch High Street, for a short walk to the Shoreditch branch of Flat Iron.

When we were seated at our table, we didn’t just get the menu but a cup full of beef dripping popcorn!! How is this not the dream!! The beef dripping gave the popcorn a delicious salty flavour. I definitely was left wanting more!

Next up was the main course! I chose the Flat Iron Steak served with house salad.  As I was unsure what was in the house salad (Fodmap-wise) I decided to ask for the server to leave my salad out.  Do note though that the salad comes in a seperate dish, so feel free to keep the menu as is, as there is no contamination with the steak.  Flat Iron also do gluten free fries and these were cooked in beef dripping too.  I can not explain how amazing they were.

Mr FFL was a little disappointed that Flat Iron do not have desserts but as the food was so good, it didn’t dampen the mood.

I would highly recomend Flat Iron to anyone but mainly to Fodmapers and people following a gluten free diet.  The steak was the best I have ever had!

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