Sweat and Sound Event: Aurora

A few people I know have attended previous Sweat and Sound events, and they had all returned with very positive reviews.

Some of my Be:Fit London family suggested attending the Aurora Sweat and Sound event at beginning of January. I agreed and we all signed up to the secret event.

I will point out that the events are not cheap but if you are signed up to their mailing list, you can get early bird prices. On the day of the event the organisers email and text you details of the meet up, so it’s all a bit of a mystery until that point.

The Aurora event was a yoga session with music proved by a live orchestra (!!) in a church, followed by a short mediation session.

After the mediation was over we all got to try vegan tea and energy balls from the Oat Kitchen. Unfortunately the energy balls had oats in which weren’t gluten free, so I was unable to try them.

When we turned up at the church the floor was covered in Melt Yoga mats. I loved the designs on their mats and it really made a difference when going through the yoga poses and stretches.

The whole evening was pretty relaxing. The yoga session was held at quite a slow pace. I was near the back of the room and unfortunately I couldn’t see 100% of what was going on, so I had to follow the yogis around me.

I would attend another Sweat and Sound event but I think next time it would have to be a little more fast paced and sweaty.

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