Launch of the Men’s Health Approved Double Chicken Bowl @ Chipotle

In the second week of January, Chipotle launched the Men’s Health approved double chicken bowl! Providing customers with 82g or protein in one meal!! Winner!!!

The bowl comes with two portions of chicken, lettuce, coriander-lime brown rice, and pinto beans, topped with fresh tomato salsa and Monterey Jack cheese.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch at Chipotle on Wardour Street (Soho), with food, drinks and photo booth fun.

I wasn’t able to eat the double chicken bowl as it had onions and garlic in but due to Chipotle’s brand new ‘Eat To Your Own Beat’, I was able to adapt the menu to create a low fodmap option!!

The ‘Eat To Your Own Beat’ online tool, helps customers find the right combination for their personal dietary needs, focusing on 11 different diets including gluten free, high protein (amazing!!), dairy free and vegan.

The Chipotle website also details every ingredient in every element of their dishes, which makes it easy for fodmappers to eat a delicious dish and ensure we keep a happy gut.

I am very happy to find another chain restaurant that caters to the low fodmap diet, with such ease. If you are interested in finding out more about other restaurants that cater for the low fodmap diet click here.

The low fodmap option I created was their gluten free tacos, pulled pork, lettuce, rice (I chose the brown option), topped with cheese! The pork is tender and has a gorgeous flavour.

At the launch party, there were also free flowing margaritas! I don’t usually drink but I do love salt and tequila, so I thought would treat myself. I can confirm they are very drinkable, maybe too drinkable!

The Men’s Health approved bowl will be available at all 6 London restaurants until 28th February 2018.

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