Un1t: Legion Class

To get back into the fitness groove, post illness and Christmas, I decided I would push myself to a Un1t class to remind myself what a real workout is!!

I chose to do a Legion class this time, which fatigues your muscle groups through overloading. Each muscle group is focused on one at a time. Sounds pretty hardcore hey!!

So after the warm up, I decided to start on the lower body section. Each station had two exercises on it, for example Romanian deadlift followed by mini band squats. I have put the full list of exercises below:

At each station we would have to do 3 sets of exercise A before moving on to exercise B and complete 3 sets there. There was 40 seconds to complete each set with a 20 second rest in between.

In between the upper and lower body sections we got a full minute’s rest. I definitely needed more though!!

The current Legion phase is hypertrophy, which means you should only be able to complete 8-10 reps per set. If you do more or less than this, at the next set you should increase or decrease your weights.

After the 45 minutes workout, we worked through a stretch sequence and struggled to walk to the station.

Un1t is great if you are struggling to motivate yourself or you just need that extra push in the new year. I’m now off to start my 2018 fitness regime. Bring it on!!

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