A Fodmap and Gluten Free Day Out in Brighton

Somewhere between Christmas and New Year, my parents were treating Mr FFL and I to a showing of Grease at the Theatre Royale in Brighton.  So I strategically created a full day of fodmap and gluten free fun beforehand.

Mr FFL and I met our university friend Amy on the train down to Brighton.  Amy is also having to edit her diet currently, and isn’t eating gluten and soya (amongst other things).

First stop on our tour was Bagelman – I had heard good things about their gluten free bagels.  As I had brought some lunch with me, I decided to buy a gluten free bagel to take away.  I have since had it toasted, with Stilton and bacon in, which was glorious.

Next stop on the tour was Julien Plumart, for macarons.  These are gluten free and taste amazing! I bought a selection box of 8, choosing raspberry, salted carmel, salted carmel and baileys and hazelnut praline.  I think my favourite was the raspberry.  The ladies who were working in Julien Plumart were very helpful when discussing food allergies and intolerances.  When they were unsure about something being dairy free, they rang the head office to confirm.

Last stop on the tour, and our main meal of the day before heading off to the theatre, was V and H Cafe.  The Cafe is a 15/20 minute walk from the centre of Brighton, and actually is on the outskirts of Hove. I chose V&H because they had gluten free bread and cake, and could make any dish gluten free.

I had a matcha almond milk latte and smoked salmon and poached eggs on gluten free bread.

I didn’t have time to have a cake but there were so many gluten free goodies to choose from!!! There were also a few which were dairy free too, if you can’t tolerate dairy.

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