Tidefords Organics Tomato and Basil Soup – Fodmap Friendly!

Tideford Organics sent me the UK’s first fodmap friendly Soup, Tomato and Basil Soup with Red Peppers and Miso. This comes in a 600g pot, so I made this last across two lunchtimes.

It’s a healthy plant based Soup that is packed with vitamin C. The Soup is suitable for a fodmap, gluten free and/or vegan diet. The Soup has no added sugars and is organic.

I loved that in the nutritional table on the back of the soup pot, there is a section specifically on fructose for us fodmappers. It breaks down the levels of fructose in the Soup into types. I personally think this is a big step forward and will allow us to feel confident in the food we are putting in our bodies.

The Soup is quick and easy to get ready, it takes 4-5 mins to heat in the microwave or heat on the hob, heat gently and stir occasionally.

The Soup is very tasty and full of chunky vegetables. I prefer a chunky Soup rather than a watery one. I will definitely be getting more of this Soup in the future.

I cross my fingers (and toes) that Tidefords create new flavours of soup that are fodmap friendly in the future.

To find out more from Tideford Organics and where you can buy their products click here.

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