Chel-ski: Fit-ski Class Review

Chel-Ski is London’s largest indoor ski centre with the best hi-tech slopes. It's a fun, safe and controlled environment where you can learn to ski or snowboard as well as advance existing skills - the speed and angle of the slopes are adjusted to match your ability. Chel-ski invited me down to try one of... Continue Reading →

Tramshed: Low FODMAP Review

Tramshed has been on my list of places to go for quite a while now. I had seen the Damien Hurst artwork (Cock n Bull) in the middle of the restaurant and the whole chickens being served at peoples' tables but I hadn't thought of it exploring it under the low fodmap diet.  Tramshed has... Continue Reading →

Double Stacked Gluten Free French Toast

I actually made this french toast when I was really craving something sweet for lunch but I think it would be a perfect breakfast dish.  It is gluten free, dairy free and also low fodmap.  The french toast is stacked on top of layers of fruit.  I used strawberries and raspberries but feel free to use any... Continue Reading →

IBS and Exercise: My Story

Exercise has been shown to improve symptoms experienced by people with IBS for many years. Exercise has many advantages to the health and well-being of the body, and for intestinal health, it increases the muscle movement in the colon and increases transit time.  This is my personal journey with exercise and how I feel it has helped... Continue Reading →

Rabot 1745: Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

Hotel Chocolate is probably my favourite chocolate brand in the world, and whilst reading their blog I noticed they had started an afternoon tea at their restaurant in Borough Market. I crossed my fingers that Rabot 1745 would do a gluten free afternoon tea and gave the restaurant a ring. They confirmed they could do... Continue Reading →

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