Chel-ski: Fit-ski Class Review

Chel-Ski is London’s largest indoor ski centre with the best hi-tech slopes. It’s a fun, safe and controlled environment where you can learn to ski or snowboard as well as advance existing skills – the speed and angle of the slopes are adjusted to match your ability.

Chel-ski invited me down to try one of their fit-ski classes, which are on a Wednesday night from 7pm to 8pm.

A fit-ski class is an hour long and anyone participating does not need any previous skiing or boarding experience. I have actually skied once before and boarded maybe three times (but I was still nervous about getting on the slope).

To start we had 5/10 minutes activating the body and warming up the muscles we would be use on the slope, with lunges, squats and resistance bands.

We then got into our ski boots (please note this is a workout in itself!!) and headed on to the slope.

Once we had our feet in the skis, the moving slope was turned on and we had a few minutes getting used to the movement.

The class was made up of different exercises, such as squats for time, lifting our weight on to one foot and moving across the slope.

I can honestly say it worked every muscle in my legs. I had done a 10km run two days before, but this killed my calfs for sure.

It was such a great workout, you wouldn’t even know you were working out. It’s fun, different and a great way to spend a week-day evening. I will definitely be coming back to Chel-ski for some more workout fun. I would recommend to anyone.

Chel-ski: 4 Sotheron Place, London

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