Côte Brasserie: Gluten Free Menu

Côte Brasserie kindly invited me down during Coeliac Awareness Week to try out their gluten free menu.

I went to the Bury St Edmunds branch as I was away for the weekend.

Their gluten free menu has such an array of options – I think one of the largest I’ve seen, and not only that, it’s accredited by Coeliac UK. So Coeliacs can be assured the food prepping and cooking process is completely gluten free. Whilst ordering I also mentioned to the server that I was intolerant to onion and garlic as well.

To start I had the Baked Crottin, which was gorgeous goats cheese with a salad of apples, lettuce, walnuts and raisins.

I hadn’t even thought about the dressing on the salad but the staff at Côte had!! They brought my starter out, and had changed the dressing to olive oil, rather than one that had in onion in. Now that is what I call amazing service. Thinking about my dietary requirements when preparing my dish.

For main I chose the classic fillet steak and gluten free chips. The fillet steak was perfect, medium well cooked, juicy and tender.

Côte made an amazing butter to go with my steak, Roquefort with butter (without any onion or garlic!!).

And we couldn’t leave without having a pudding – there are 8 gluten free choices!!!!!!

I chose the special which is a raspberry creme brûlée and it tasted out of this world! It was really creamy and there was a delicious raspberry layer at the bottom of the pudding.

Mr FFL had the chocolate mousse which was also gluten free and this also tasted amazing. Such great flavour.

The manager and staff at Côte Brasserie were brilliant, I could not have asked for more from them. The service was excellent and helped me to ensure as much of my meal was low Fodmap as possible.

I would highly recommend to Coeliacs and people on the Fodmap diet. I will definitely be back very soon.

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