The Burger Shop Co: Gluten Free Review

This year we spent Christmas down on the South coast with my parents and decided to start our festivities on 23rd December (and why not I hear you say!).

As Mum would be cooking a big roast two days in a row, it was decided we’d go out for dinner the first night we got there.

I have been feeling adventurous recently and it was suggested we go to the new (ish) burger restaurant in Arundel, the Burger Shop Co (TBS).

The TBS opened around 9 months ago in Arundel and is run by a Father and Son team. I personally was really impressed with the logo, branding and decor inside the shop.

My Dad kindly rang up before booking, to check the restaurant would cater for my fodmap needs. TBS confirmed all burgers were gluten, onion and garlic free and they also provide gluten free buns. Oh and the skin on fries are gluten free too! Win!!!

On Christmas Eve Eve I chose a cheese and bacon burger in a gluten free bun with skin on fries.

The gluten free bun was great!! It was soft, held together well and the sesame seeds added a nice flavour. Their gluten free burger rolls are much better than GBK buns which fall apart when you look at them.

The burger meat was juicy and the skin on fries were delicious.

I would highly recommend this restaurant, the service is really good and the food is brilliant!! All five of us enjoyed everything we ate. They were also great with my dietary needs and didn’t make me feel awkward or different in anyway. I can’t wait to go back!

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