Core Collective: Lift and Row Class Review

I had been following Core Collective on Instagram for a while, and recently saw a new class being advertised; Lift and Row.  When I looked into the class, it sounded like a format I would enjoy, as it is a mix of strength and cardio.  This would allow me to feel comfortable with the strength element but also push me out of my comfort zone in the cardio department!

My biggest shock was that the latest time slot for this class on a Saturday is 10.30! Ouchy! Luckily Core Collective is only a short walk from Kensington High Street station (right near the new Design Museum).

Lift and Row works your whole body and is 55 minutes of intense training.  I have only been to one class but apparently the class formats change twice weekly, so your body never gets a chance to get used to a workout.

The format of the class was explained to us before it began. The instructor gives you a number and depending on the number, it would mean you would start on the rowing machine or on the ‘floor’. I was chosen to start on the ‘floor’.

After a warm up, the main class began. It was an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout. So for 10 mins, we had to do 10 kettlebell swings and 5 goblet squats every minute. The quicker you get the 15 reps done, the more time you have to rest before the next minute starts.

Next up was my time on the rower.  The format for this section was to complete a 1000 metre row, 500m row, 250m row and then to finish 100m row.  This was all within a 10 minute period (as my workout partner was doing the EMOM exercises whilst I was on the rower).  I did struggle with the rowing after putting in 110% effort on the EMOM exercises and didnt manage to complete the last 100m row.

The class then followed the same format, some EMOM workouts on the ‘floor’ and back to the rower as a finisher.

I found this class really hard, which i believe is because of the cardio element.  It is always good to jump out of your comfort zone and push yourself, and this class definitley does this.

One thing to note is that this workout is one of the most expensive I have done at £23.  It is a good class and I would do it again but I am not sure why the price tag is so high.

Core Collective is located at: 45 Phillimore Walk, Kensington, London W8 7RZ.

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