The Bach, Hoxton: Gluten Free Brunch

The Bach has two branches in London, in Broadway Market and Hoxton. They are both run by a New Zealander owner and have a New Zealand vibe, laid back and friendly.

A bach is a small, modest holiday home or beach house – and pronounced as ‘batch’.

I went to the Bach with 7 other ladies, all gluten free and some dairy free too.

I contacted the owner before we went to the Hoxton branch to highlight our dietary needs. I also asked about the fodmap restrictions myself and Lottie have. The owner, Nikki, replied stating all the items on the menu which had garlic and onion in, so we were able to choose freely from the rest of the items. She also highlighted that they have a chef at both locations that is either Gluten intolerant like Nikki or coeliac, so we would be in good hands at either restaurant.

The items that have onion and garlic in are (this is correct as going to print in March 2018):

  • The soup
  • Chorizo sausage
  • The chilli jam
  • The chutney
  • The Beans
  • The Falafel
  • The Beef burger but can be made without
  • The Vegie Burger but can be made without.

So at 3pm we all descended on the Bach for brunch – we were told the kitchen closed at 4pm, so we had an hour to order our food, but with so many gluten free choices that was actually a bit of a struggle for us!

I chose to have a two course brunch, as I hadn’t eaten since around 9am (which is a long long time in my life!).  For my first course I had to have a toastie, they had run out of tuna, so i decided to have a classic ham and cheese toastie.

And for my second course I decided to have the special which were gluten free and dairy free mango and coconut waffles, with coconut yoghurt. They were gorgeous!

To top off the afternoon, Nikki kindly brought us 6 cakes to try! She gave us an Orange and Polenta Cake, Brownies and a vegan Peanut Butter Cookie. I tried some of all of the cakes! Nikki and her staff had been working on the brownie recipe for months and I can honestly say its one of the best I have ever had! So gooey!

The Bach is definitley worth going out of your way to go too – the food is delicious and the service is amazing.  All the staff are very aware of allergies and intolerances, and you can feel safe in their hands.

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