Broadway Market: My Gluten Free Finds

I have been gluten free for just over 4 years (due to the low fodmap diet) and I have only just made it up to Broadway Market and Broadway Vegan Market in London Fields.  I now feel I can say I am fully fledged gluten free Londoner!

I headed up to North London with Mr FFL and Mini FFL for brunch with some of my favourite bloggers, at The Bach, Broadway.  In a previous blog I have documented my experience at the Hoxton branch.  The Bach have a special item on the menu at the Broadway branch, which is their gluten free French toast, so I had to choose that even if I would spend the next few hours eating cakes!

The gluten free French Toast comes with marscarpone, fried banana and berries or house treacled bacon.  I went with the bananas and berries options.  It was delicious.  As always, Nikki, the owner of the chain treated us amazingly, ensuring all our dietary requirements were understood.

Mini FFL had the gluten free Pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries, which he loved! My friends and I sweet-talked him in to letting us take photos of the beautiful dish before he started eating.  Poor Kid!

The Bach kindly finished our meal with some cakes, all gluten free of course.  There was a brownie, orange and polenta cake, chocolate cherry cake and banana bread.  We felt very spoilt!

Once we had fueled our bodies, we then went on to conquer the market.  First stop for me was Eat’n’Mess where we actually picked up three different gluten free cakes/biscuits!

I bought a lemon and white chocolate cookie, as I had been told there were as good as the freshly baked ones from supermarkets, and a peanut butter and salted caramel cookie sandwich.  And yes there were as good as they sound! Mini FFL picked up a gluten free salted caramel brownie.

Next stop on our Broadway Market tour was the famous Floris Bakery – I had previously tried a smores brownie but I had never had one of their famous doughnuts.  I literally (!!) ran over to the stall and jumped with joy when they had some doughnuts left.  I bought a jam doughnut and a smores doughnut.  I loved them both but I actually prefered the classic jam doughnut over the smores one.

The last stop on our tour was around the corner at the Broadway Vegan Market, to Norah’s Brownie’s to try the new ‘bronut’ (a cross between a brownie and a doughnut!) Since going to the market I have tried two flavours, the white chocolate and chocolate and raspberry.  The white chocolate one was definitely my favourite.

I loved Broadway Market and Broadway Vegan Market and I will definitely back, but may wait a few weeks, to ensure my waistband doesn’t grow exponentially.

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