Eating Out on the FODMAP Diet

I often get asked about where I eat out on the FODMAP diet, so I thought I would create this blog post around places to eat across the UK (which I have already tried).  These are all chain restaurants, to ensure my readers outside London can also partake.

Just to note I have explored some of my tolerances on the FODMAP diet, so I know not everything below will work for everyone, but I hope it will be of some help to you.

downloadFirst up is definitely one of my favourites – Ed’s Easy Diner! One opened up in Bromley, near my home, around a year ago and I can’t stop going back!  Their gluten free menu offers a large range of foods, as well as gluten free buns for burgers and gluten free hot dog rolls for hot dogs.  This is a winner for me, as bringing your own bun/roll with you to eat out, is just not as fun.

My go to meal at Ed’s is a gluten free hot dog in a gluten free roll, with skinny gluten free fries.  Their hot dog is the best I have tried! I do often treat myself to a Peanut Butter and Chocolate milkshake, as I can tolerate some milk, although it can make me feel uncomfortable (but its worth it now and again).

Its good to note that Ed’s also have a loyalty card app, and you get points every time you spend money in the branch.  The points seem to add quickly meaning there is always some money off for your next trip.

To find out more visit Ed’s Easy Diner Gluten Free Menu:


This summer a Five Guys restaurant opened up in Croydon – so the first thing I did was jump on their website and research the gluten free options.

Although Five Guys do not offer a gluten free bun, they do offer lots and lots of gluten free chips.  When ordering you need to ask for the burger to be ‘rabbit style’ so it comes in a lettuce bun.  Five Guys do offer big portions and with a standard size burger, you get two patties.  The best thing though is that no matter what size chips you order, the bag is then filled up with more chips, so you would never walk away hungry!!

For more information on the Five Guys menu visit:


Next up is Pizza Express.  I am sure you are all aware of their extensive gluten free menu.  They now provide gluten free dough balls as a starter – I feel this was a massive step forward, as its something I really missed since being on the FODMAP diet.   In case you didn’t know, you can ask for olive oil and vinegar to dip the dough balls in (rather than the usual garlic butter, which I can not eat due to the garlic).  They also do all their pizzas on a gluten free base.  I have tried other pizza chains, such as Zizzis but have had adverse effects, maybe due to the ingredients in their pizza sauce.

To finish off my meal, I love to enjoy their chocolate brownie, which is gluten free with a fresh mint tea on the side.

Coeliac UK awarded Pizza Express with their gluten-free accreditation due to recent changes in their kitchen, such as the type of flour used tossing and stretching the dough.

To explore Pizza Express’ Gluten Free Menu visit:


When I have eaten at ASK Italian, I have been able to tolerate their gluten free pizzas and pizza sauce (just like Pizza Express).  They also do gluten free pasta, which is great if you want a change from pizza.

ASK serve my favourite gluten free pizza, Caprina, soft goat’s cheese, rocket, Santos tomatoes and olive tapenade.  The flavours are amazing, goats cheese and olives are the dream!

ASK also have a gluten free Chocolate Etna to finish your dining experience, which has a lovely liquid chocolate centre.

To see ASK’s full gluten free menu visit:


GBK is a great option for FODMAPers when eating out, as unlike Bryon burger, they provide gluten free buns.  The only downfall is that their fries are not gluten free because other food items are cooked in the oil.  Although I was told in one branch, to always ask about the fries, as some GBK branches have a separate fryer for their chips.

GBK have a large range of burgers to chose from – so depending on the foods you can tolerate, the burger world is your oyster.  My favourite is the Avocado Bacon burger.

GBK also have a loyalty card app – when you spend £7 or more on each visit, you can get free burgers or sides the visit afterwards.  One stamp gets you a free side, three stamps gets you a milkshake and 5 stamps a free burger! So worth a download if you are going to go regularly.

To visit GBK’s full gluten free menu visit:


I have already done a post on eating out at Gauchos but I thought I would highlight it in this blog, so there is a full list for my readers to choose from (and don’t forget to ask for the gluten free bread before your starter comes out!!).

See my previous blog here:

To see Gauchos full gluten free menu visit:

My parents actually found this chain for me, as there is one near their home on the south coast.  I have only been to the Rustington restaurant, but if anyone else has had any other experiences at other branches, do let me know.

I had brunch when I made my first visit.  They provide gluten free rolls, which is always a win for me.  I had a gluten free bacon roll and black coffee.  They also do tapas with gluten free bread, burgers and fries and curry.

The Loungers have a separate gluten free menu, to see the full offer visit:


Leon are a great healthy fast food restaurant, which do have a lot of gluten free options.  The downside are that many of them are not FODMAP friendly due to the onions, garlic and beans.

A few of the dishes are FODMAP friendly though as well as most of the cakes!!!

The smoked salmon and egg pot, chargrilled chicken pot, ham and truffle egg pot, live yoghurt, crushed pea salad (as long as you can eat peas obviously), all the bags of popcorn, vegan billionaire, lemon ginger slice (my personal favourite/addiction), better brownie and the PaLeon bar, all work for me.

They also sell Kombucha and Kefir which are both good for gut health.  I can tolerate the portion of kefir you get from Leon (as it includes whole milk) and can drink a fizzy Kombucha over a long period of time (as too many bubbles can really bloat me).

Leon’s full gluten free menu:

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and it has given you some food for thought.  If you have any questions or suggestions of places for me to try, please drop me a line.

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