9Round: Class Review

A new workout studio opened in Croydon earlier this month and I was excited to go and try it out. It is called 9round. I had never heard of it but looking into the company a little more, it is an international brand!!

Class Overview

The class is a boxing style circuit and is very different from any another class I had attended. The class doesn’t have a set start and you can book in anytime the studio is open. The class runs on 3 minutes sets with a 30 second rest breaks.

The class is broken up into 9 rounds (hence the name).  Each round lasted 3 minutes.  The 9 rounds I completed were:

  1. Squat jumps along a ladder on the floor, with 2 burpes after every 2 runs of the ladder
  2. 10 squats with press (with medicine ball), 10 swings with the medicine ball and 3 press ups
  3. 20 jabs and crosses followed by 6 lunge jumps
  4. 2 left hooks, 2 right hooks followed by one left kick, two left round house kicks and the same on the right
  5. Squat jumps and 20 kicks on a large high ball
  6. 20 hooks and 2 round house kicks on each leg
  7. 10 squat jumps on and off a step followed by 6 dips
  8. 20 punches on a high bag followed by 3 press ups
  9. Boxing sequences with the instructor on pads

These circuits are changed on a regular basis so you never get bored and are always testing you body.

The only downside of the whole experience is that you have to become a monthly member to enjoy the class. I would love to go once a week or on a more ad hoc basis but currently there is no pay as you go option.

I do love boxing so I may be biased but I thought this was a great class. The 30 minutes went so quickly and I know I worked my whole body!! They do run a free trial for new customers, so go give it a try.

9round Croydon: https://www.9round.co.uk/find-a-club/croydon/

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