Another Space: Cycle Class Review

Another Space kindly offered me a free trial at their new studio in Bank.  Another Space have three different classes to choose from, Yoga, HIIT and Cycle at their studio.  I chose to do a Cycle class, as i haven’t been spinning in a few months.

The Studio

The studio is a few minutes walk from Bank Underground station, so very accessible. Walking into the studio, I could tell it was brand new, everything was so clean and fresh. I booked myself in at the front desk for my class and pre-ordered a protein shake.  I ordered the Snickers shake with almond milk and chocolate protein.

The changing rooms are really lovely and spacious.  There are plenty of lockers and benches to put all your stuff on.  They have thought about all the tolietries a lady might need, which are dotted all around the room.

I loved the locker board by the door, which allows you to put your intial against the locker you have put your belongings in, so you don’t forget where you have put your stuff in your post workout high!

The Class

The cycle studio was quite big, with lots of bikes, speakers and lights.

When booking online I chose bike 16 (as my birthday is on 16th) and this was clearly lucky – Another Space are running a giveaway at every class, if there is a bag attached to the bike you chose, you get a goodie bag! Mine was full of health drinks, a turmeric chocolate drink mix and some Smashbox make up.

It was a 45 minute class, with some great tunes! The only down side is that I think the bikes were a little close together, as when doing some of the cycle moves I knocked arms with the people next to me.

Although the class is a cycle class, there is also one track with weights – you can choose whether or not to keep cycling in this track (which of course I did), and you use the hand weights to work your arms and shoulders.  There are many reps, so be careful not to up your weight too much.  Its harder than you think!

Another Space are giving away free credits at the moment for their new studio so if you manage to get one, I would recommend checking it out.

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