Mindful Bites: Crunchy Bites

If you haven’t heard of Mindful Bites, they started on the market with 4 different nut butters, almond, hazelnut, cashew and Brazil nut. They have now created crunchy bites!! These are gluten free crunchy sticks filled with their nut butters, and they are delicious!!

There are also 4 flavours of crunchy bites and I have taste tested them below:

Almond and Maca

Just to explain what the crunchy sticks are like on all the bites below; they are almost like wafers but with a bit more texture and thickness.

Inside the Almond and Maca bite is creamy almond butter running through the centre. The Maca adds a flavour to the bite, which stops it’s being too sweet, meaning it could be enjoyed at anytime in the day.

Hazelnut and Berries

The Hazelnut and Berries bite has a really lovely fruit flavour in the creamy nut butter. This one is quite sweet, so good for an afternoon low.

Brazil Nuts and Cacao Nibs

The Brazil Nuts and Cacao Nibs bite is my favourite!!

It has a really creamy chocolate taste but you can still taste the Brazil nuts coming through.

Cashew and Baobab

The Cashew and Baobab crunchy bite is rich in flavour but not too sweet. I felt you could taste the salt in this bite which works perfectly with the cashew flavour.

If you like (or even love nut butter) I would recommend you try these crunchy bites. The bars are all really creamy and moreish.

To find out more and to buy the bars, click here.

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