Leadbelly’s: A Gluten Free Meet-up

I don’t even know where to start with this blog! There are so many amazing things to talk about!! But I’ll give it a go…..

A group of ladies who are all gluten free, which I have connected with via Instagram have started to meet up in London to sample the greatest gluten free food our amazing Capital City has to offer.

At the beginning of February we planned to go to Leadbelly’s in Canada Water. Their menu is 98% gluten free so I am not sure how it could be more perfect for us all.

When booking our table for 13 at Leadbelly’s, we wanted to highlight our dietary requirements up front. The lovely Lara from Leadbelly’s came back to us and asked for more information to give to the chef. This was a great start from my point of view, many restaurants just tell me to let my server know when I am seated. This gives me no confidence in the restaurant as I am unsure I will be able to eat anything on the menu.

To add to the gluten free restriction, Becky Excell and myself are also on the low fodmap diet. The fodmap diet makes eating out even more difficult!

On a Monday evening we all descended on Leadbelly’s for what was a VIP experience.

Each of us had our own menu depending on their dietary requirements. This meant Becky and I actually had a low fodmap menu. This was a first for me and made me feel very special (and confident).

We also had a front sheet on the menu for all the ladies, with all our photos on, welcoming us to the restaurant!


Before we had even ordered our food, Lara brought us out gluten free and low fodmap canapés! The dream!! I don’t think I have been offered canapés since I started the fodmap diet, so this was a real treat for me.

I had smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives on a gluten free bite.

Followed by goats cheese and sun dried tomato (no onion or garlic!!) on a bruschetta style bite.

The Main Course

I picked my main from my own personal low fodmap menu, and I chose the original southern fried chicken burger with pineapple and fries.

As you can see it looked gorgeous, as was the taste!! The gluten free bun was so soft and didnt fall apart. The fried chicken was delicious!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to have a pudding as I was too full from the previous courses. But I will be back to try their famous gluten free waffles.

I would like to give a big thank you to Leadbelly’s for the amazing service we all received that night and for the way they treated our dietary requirements. From now on all other restaurants have a lot to live up to!!!!!

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