UN1T: Zone Class

As I had a few days off work, around my birthday I thought I would spend one lunchtime trying out a UN1T class (as you do) with my friend Charlie.

For full details on the UN1T studio at London Bridge, see my previous post.

As it was a Wednesday it meant I would be attending a Zone class. I had not attended a Zone class before, so I was a little worried by the levels of cardio involved!!

A Zone class consists of 4 outer zones and 1 inner Zone. With a partner, you spend two minutes on an outer zone, 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off (rest). Then after two minutes everyone moves to the inner zone and does 30 seconds of 4 different exercises, to make up two minutes. Then you move with your partner to the next outer zone.

The four outer zones were box jumps, the wattbike, shuttle runs with weighted ball, and the rower. The inner zone focused on exercises such as plyo lunges, ab exercises and burpees.

I found this class hard work! It was mainly cardio and I am not used to this level of consistent work. At the end of the class (when I was lying on the floor) there was literally steam coming from my face!

I did enjoy the class, but it’s not one I could do that often, as I needed some recovery time. My abs still ache a bit three days later.

For more information on Un1t visit: https://un1t.com

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