Farm Girl Cafe @ Sweaty Betty, Carnaby Street: Gluten Free Review

On my day off the other week, I orgainsed to catch up with my lovely friend Charlie, who has been away in India for 6 weeks training to be a yoga teacher!

As neither of us had done much cardio recently we started the day with a Un1t class (see previous blog post on the Zone class).  After this full body workout we needed to refuel!

We chose to go to Farm Girl in Sweaty Betty, Canaby Street.  My friend’s diet is mostly plant based and obviously I have a complicated diet, so the menu satisfied and interested us both.

For us gluten free’ers there are lots of options at Farm Girl.  All smoothie bowls and salads are gluten free.  They also offer gluten free toast, so it means most of the food menu is open for us to try.

Farm Girl have an extensive hot drink menu to choose from, I previously had tried the butterfly matcha and this time I went for the liquid gold latte.  This includes tumeric, cinnamon, astragalus and honey.

For my lunch I had the gluten free toast, with smashed avocado and pomegrante.  This was such a lovely combination, I had not tried something like this before. I added a poached egg on the side for extra protein (this adds a cost to the meal).

I will definitley come back to Farm Girl at Sweaty Betty as it is so central and convenient.  The food is good and it is fodmap and gluten free friendly.

To see the full Farm Girl at Sweaty Betty menu visit:

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