Farmacy: Gluten Free Brunch Review

I was excited on my birthday to get up early and head over to Farmacy in Notting Hill. I am sure those of you who know me, know I do not like getting up early so I must have been really motivated! There was a specific item on the breakfast menu I wanted to try, which meant I needed to be there before 11am!

I met my friend Carole at Bayswater station and headed up the road to Farmacy.

When walking into Farmacy it was much bigger than expected and I assume because it was Thursday morning, nice and peaceful.

First things first, I ordered an almond milk mocha, standard FFL.

And the star of the show (the reason I got up early on my birthday) was the chocolate chip warrior waffles. The waffles were made with 100% gluten free oats, sunwarrior protein, chia seeds, fresh berries, homemade Nutella and coconut cream.

Carole had eggs Florentine with a sourdough vegan muffin.

I enjoyed the waffles and fruit but to be honest the best part was the homemade Nutella!

To finish my birthday breakfast I chose a syringe shot – I had seen a few people on Instagram try them, so I had to join in!! I went for the ‘Antidote’ which was activated charcoal and raw coconut water. Activated charcoal is meant to be very good for gut health, and by now I think my readers will know am always looking for something new to heal my gut.

I will definitely be back to try the Rawnola and Pancakes.

To look at the full menu for Farmacy visit:

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