FODMAP News: December 2017

I personally feel that once I was put on the Fodmap diet by my NHS consultant, I was left to my own devices and as previously mentioned, struggled to re-introduce food.

I honestly do not know what I would have done without social media for support. Not only have I found a great community of other fodmapers but there is so much information out there, from Monash University (the university which created the fodmap diet) and other official fodmap channels.

I thought it may be helpful for my readers if I did an update on the fodmap diet. This includes new items of food which have been tested and been certified as low fodmap but also items of food I was unaware were low fodmap. These are all great news for me and have allowed me to add an increased variety of foods into my life and cooking!

  • Broccoli – broccoli has just been retested and has been categorised as low fodmap as long as you stick to one cup of the head of broccoli.
  • Pickled onions – I went through my whole childhood hating onions and then when I got together with Mr FFL I started to include them in my diet, and I actually quite liked them. So when I found out 30g of pickled onions was low fodmap, I was over the moon.
  • Celery – I used to eat celery everyday pre-fodmap but haven’t had it for over 3 years. I found out that 5cm of celery is low fodmap, so I’ve been trying to have it again in my diet.
  • Edamame – I used to love these beans when out in restaurants with salt on. So when I found they were low fodmap, I was very happy! I even found frozen edamame at ASDA. I now have a constant store in my freezer.
  • Wasabi – powder and paste. This has always been a little hot for me, so I don’t think I’ll be tying this anytime soon.
  • Oyster Mushrooms – I haven’t managed to buy these yet but look forward to adding them into my diet.
  • Cranberries – as it’s coming up to Christmas, this is a popular fruit! The juice or fruit is low fodmap as long as in small servings.

The two main channels I get my up to the minute information from are:

Monash University Low Fodmap Diet

The Fodmap Friendly Food Programme

I hope I will be able to add another of these blogs on the fodmap diet, in a few months as more testing continues.

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  1. “Celery – I used to eat celery everyday pre-fodmap but haven’t had it for over 3 years. I found out that 5cm of celery is low fodmap” – that is good news, i like the idea of having celery again


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