Firstlight Cycle: Class Review

Firstlight Cycle is a new spin studio based in the expansion of Westfield, Shepherds Bush. I got the chance to experience a class one morning, before a shopping trip – the location works perfectly for a spin class, followed by brunch and/or shopping, and what is better than that!

I managed to get lost finding the studio, as Google Maps, shows the studio on the outside of the shopping centre but its actually next to John Lewis on the first floor.  Once I had found the studio, I was excited to get the class started.

The studio had an industrial feel, and the colour scheme was yellow, black and grey – my favourite colours! The changing rooms were lovely and had all the essentials needed before and after a class. I put on my cycling shoes and headed to the studio.

My instructor was called Felix and he welcomed me into the studio, and helped me sort my bike set up.  The Studio brings together cutting-edge sunlight simulation and beautifully curated visual backdrops using a world first 30ft Magic Mirror transporting you to global locations.  My class was cycling around New York! What a treat!

The light in the studio simulates sunlight, which makes you happy and enhances your wellbeing and motivation.

I did enjoy the Firstlight class and I thought the studio was brilliant.  If you are in the area, it is a good excuse to workout before or after some shopping.  The big screen and lights were enjoyable and added a slightly different twist.  I did find Pyscle a more taxing class but still a good start to any day.

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