Kobox: Class Review

I met my friend Charlie at a Girl Gains event a few months back. We had both turned up on our own to the event and from there we made a bond.  One of our joint interests is fitness, so we decided to meet up one Friday night for a workout, protein shake and catch up.

We chose to workout at Kobox on Kings Road, Chelsea.  It was the first time for both of us.

We walked to the back of the shopping mall to find a very industrialised gym studio.  The staff were very welcoming, and we booked ourselves in.

As we were a little early for the class, we grabbed a protein shake from the bar and sat at a long table. It’s a very social set up at Kobox and if you were there with a big group of friends or regulars, you could catch up in comfort before the class.

Newbies had a briefing around 10 minutes before the class started, so Charlie and I waited outside the door patiently.

We were greeted by Jay Brown, who would be our instructor for the evening.  He explained the basic set up of the class, half the time on the punch bags and half the time on the ‘wall’.

The punch bag set up works with 6 different punches:

  1. left jab
  2. right jab
  3. left hook
  4. right hook
  5. left upper cut
  6. right upper cut

The ‘wall’ is a series of circuits, such as burpees, planks, etc.

When you sign in, you are assigned a letter and number. If there is a ‘B’ before your number, you start on the bag and if a ‘W’ you start on the wall.

I had a ‘B’ so I started on the bag, which made me very happy as I love boxing, hence why I wanted to do the class in the first place.

When paying for your class, you are given hand wraps, so before the fun starts we had to put our hand wraps on and as I was starting on the bag, my boxing gloves too. My first few minutes were on the bag, following a series of numbers which corespond to the above punches. This was my favourite part.

After a few minutes of on the bag, I swapped with Charlie and I moved to the wall. It was here I struggled. Jay would shout out activities for us to do, whilst the other half of the room were on the bags. These were activities such as planks, squat jumps and mountain climbers.

The class lasts a full 50 minutes and is fast and fun packed!! Our instructor Jay was a brilliant personality and definitely helped motivate us through the class. The music was great and really took me back to my 20s, clubbing days. I would definitely return again – it really is great fun.

Kobox Chelsea is located at 8-11 King’s Walk, 122 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 4TR. To find out more visit: https://www.koboxlondon.com

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