Lu-Ma Cafe, Wimbledon

Gluten Free Afternoon

This was my second trip to Lu-Ma in Wimbledon.  The first time I went was to have brunch with a friend and we had the most amazing gluten free pancakes! I also managed to try my first Kombucha here too.

So after my first wonderful experience I dragged my boyfriend and his son to Lu-Ma for an afternoon tea in the school holidays.

The staff are wonderful at the cafe, completely aware of food allergies and intolerances, they make you feel at ease when eating at the establishment.  They edited the afternoon tea menu for my FODMAP needs, so no gluten, onion, garlic or mushroom!

I had rung ahead with my FODMAP needs and we were greeted by the staff and welcomed with some fresh cucumber water, which was refreshing on a warm summers’ day.

The first course of the afternoon tea (not pictured) were falafel balls and sweet potato fries, which I left the boys to eat.  I dug in to the gorgeous gluten free open sandwiches (the best type of sandwiches in my opinion), smoked salmon and cashew cream, and avocado.

The next course was a selection of crudities, with two dips.  This was then followed by the cakes! There was a peanut butter and chia seed jam cake, which was to die for! Then there were chocolate brownies, lemon energy balls and raw cheesecake.

I would definitely recommend Lu-Ma to anyone on a gluten free or fodmap diet.  The food is perfect and the service is spot on.

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Location: Lu-Ma is located on the ground floor of the Justin James Hotel at 43 Worple Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4JZ


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  1. Great picture Becky! I’m visiting for the first time thanks to this review and having recently visited and reviewed Lu Ma too over at

    I am jealous for two reasons . . . . one is that I *really* wanted to try the falafel. Two is that the afternoon tea, which I know is a special, looks like exactly the type of afternoon tea I would love and prefer to the more typical white bread and sugary cake options. You have motivated me to look out for the next Lu Ma Afternoon tea! 🙂


    1. Hi Ben – sorry I only just replying! WordPress put your comment into Junk 😦 I am so glad that my review caught your eye and you went along. Its such a great little café! We ordered the afternoon tea in advance. Are you going to the supper club on 8th? Myself and 10 other ladies are going, so would be great to say hi 🙂


      1. Heya Becky, now I need to claim (truthfully) that I did not get notification of your reply to me! I still really want to visit for the Afternoon Tea. Still yet to do so! I have some vacation days upcoming and am thinking of going blackberry picking in Wimbledon (there is a fantastic, top secret place to do so) and taking Afternoon Tea at Lu-Ma 🙂

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