Ahi Poke

On a very sunny Bank Holiday Monday, I met my friend Heather in town for some lunch and a catch up.

We were going to head to Honest burger but because the weather was so nice we thought a clean salad would be much more refreshing.

I had been recommended to Ahi Poke by someone I follow on Instagram (gemmarodgers1), as somewhere that is low fodmap friendly. So decided to take the jump and try somewhere new.  I was very happy with the outcome.

Ahi Poke is a lovely, fresh and clean restaurant – a very modern set up.


The menu is broken up into two sections, one is signature bowls, where Ahi Poke have created their own dishes and one where you build your own bowl.  Both Heather and I chose to build our own bowls (see the format in the picture below).


I started off by speaking to the staff at Ahi Poke about my food intolerances, gluten, onion and garlic (are the main three).  They were really helpful and did not seem bothered at all about explaining the menu to me.

The three bases; brown rice, quinoa and kale were all gluten free and onion and garlic free, which gave me lots of choice.  I chose a large portion of quinoa (to get in some more protein!) and a little brown rice.

I could eat three out of four of the fish and vegatables; which were salmon, tuna and shrimp.  I couldnt eat mushrooms, but to be honest I dont know if I would choose it even if I could, with the salmon avaliable!  I had salmon and shrimp – the salmon was incredible.  They have a wide range of sauces, but to be safe I just added some olive oil.

To top off my fish, quiona and brown rice, I decided on edamame, pineapple, confit ginger, carrot and sesame seeds.

All ingrediants were really fresh and tasty – it definitely a healthy option to have when eating out.

I have had many bad experiences at resturants related to dietary requirements, but I can honestly say that Aki Poke have got it spot on.  The staff were friendly and knowledge, and made me feel at ease.

Ahi Poke are located in Fitzrovia and Victoria.

For more information visit: https://www.ahipoke.co.uk/

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