Warhol Croydon: A Walking Tour

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Jon and I headed into Croydon Town Centre to join the Warhol Croydon Month, by going on a street art walking tour. The walking tour lasts for an hour and 30 minutes.

We were greeted by Kevin, the Chief Executive of Rise Gallery (St George’s Walk). He explained we were in the right place for the tour (starting at the ‘Welcome to Croydon’ sign opposite East Croydon station). We managed to get a spot on the first walking tour of the month, so we felt like VIPs of course!

Kevin started off by explaining how the Warhol Croydon Month was put together and a bit of a background about Andy Warhol.

There are 14 pieces of art on the tour, including work by Ben Eine, Dotmasters and Rich Simmons.

My favourite pieces were; Chelsea Girl by Ben Eine and Famous by Chu (see below):

The tour was great fun and informative, and even though I have lived near/in Croydon my whole life, it gave me a new view of my town.  It even added a good 8,000 steps to my step count for the day.

Kevin, as our tour guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, especially about the other pieces of street art in Croydon.

The tour ended at Rise Gallery, which meant we got to see a selection of Warhol’s work currently in Croydon (apparently more than is at Tate Modern!!).

There are lots of other events going on throughout the month, such as film screens and lectures, and they are all FREE. So if you live in London, or in fact anywhere nearby do come down and join in. We are going to a screen printing and cocktail party later in the month.

For more information on the Warhol Month visit: http://warholcroydon.co.uk/events-directory/

The Rise Gallery is situated at7-9 St.George’s Walk, Croydon, CR0 1YH

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