Ape Coconut Snacks: Review

Ape Coconut Snacks kindly sent me 6 packs of their products to try and review, 3 packs of coconut curls and 3 packs of coconut bites.

I had previously tried the Salted Chocolate Crispy Coconut Curls and loved them, so was excited to try more of their range!

All their snack bags are gluten free, vegan and high in fibre! They are also under 150 calories each, so great if you are trying to keep to a daily calorie goal.

Below are my reviews for each flavour:

  • Ape Crispy Curls Lightly Salted

Lovely coconut flavour, which is not too sweet due to the added salt.

  • Ape Crispy Curls Pepper and Spice

I am not a massive fan of pepper and I don’t deal too well with spice (due to my gut health issues).  So i asked my boyfriend, Jon, to try them for this blog.  He didn’t expect the flavours to work but they did. He thought they had a very pleasant flavour and would buy again but wants the bag to be three times the size!!!

  • Ape Crispy Curls salted chocolate

As I mentioned I have had this flavour before and loved them! They are moreish and creamy.  You can really taste the chocolate and salt. A great portion size for a snack on the go or in between meals.

  • Ape Crunchy Bites Natural

Again a lovely coconut flavour, which is not too sweet due to the added salt.

  • Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites with Chia Seeds

These bites are really tasty and have an extra bonus of added chia seeds.  Although i may be biased as i just love chia seeds!!

  • Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites with Sesame Seeds

I actually think these are my favourite with a sweet and salt flavour at the same time.  You are left wanting more when the bag is finished!


Overall I would definitely recommend all their products. They are great healthy snacks and great on the go.

For more information on Ape products visit: https://apesnacks.com/

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