Kombucha: Taste Tests

In a previous blog post I talked about how I learnt how to make Kombucha with Jarr and have now started to brew my own kombucha at home.

As my love for Kombucha is growing, I wanted to taste test some different kombucha brands to get an understanding of flavours (for when I’m creating at home).

I have taste tested three different brands:

Jarr Kombucha

  • Original – the original flavour is a little sour, I really enjoy it but I understand some people struggle with it. If you are a first timer to kombucha, I would suggest the pasison fruit flavour (reviewed below). Then you can work your way up to the original!
  • Ginger – I love ginger and I think this Jarr Kombucha has a great flavour. If you don’t like ginger, the taste maybe too much for you. As I’m not a massive fan of sweet drinks, this flavour works really well for me.
  • Passion fruit – this has a lovely fruity flavour. It has a little kick at the end of your sip but overall it’s easy to drink.

Kombucha Kat

  • Pomegranate – I really like the flavour of this kombucha but I can’t honestly say I could taste the pomegranate. It was refreshing and sweet. It definitely had some fruity notes in the flavour but nothing that stood out.

LA Brewery

  • Strawberry and Black Pepper – I love the branding and logo of LA Brewery, it stands out to me when I see it on the shelves. I the find the LA brewery kombucha not as sweet as other kombucha, which isn’t a bad thing in my eyes, but something to note if you prefer a sweeter drink. I think the strawberry and black pepper is a good mix together, with the pepper adding a little kick to the strawberry.

There seem to be more Kombucha brands coming onto the market every week, so I will definitely be writing another blog when I get hold of other brands.

All in the name of research of course!

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