Tesco Free From Christmas Treats

As Mr FFL knows I love visiting the Free From section in any supermarket and buying new treats! As part of my birthday present he could not go wrong with gifting me some Free From treats to try.

He bought me the Choc Selection, Chocolate Ginger Tiffin and the Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding kit all from Tesco.

First up is their Choc Selection, which is free from wheat, gluten and milk. The box includes:

  • Choc Buttons
  • White Choco Buttons
  • Choc Bar
  • White Choco Bar
  • Choc ‘n’ Crispie Bar

Even though I can tolerate some milk in mainstream chocolate, I do like to have milk free chocolate now and again, as it’s much more comfortable on my gut.

I enjoyed the chocolate and white chocolate Buttons, which I did polish off in one session!! It was also nice to have a chocolate bar with crispie bits in it, which were gluten free

My second Tescos Christmas treat (well birthday treat for me) was the Ginger Tiffin Bites. These bites are gluten and wheat free.

I love chocolate and ginger so I was enthusiastic to try these!

Tescos really thought about this and even added glittery stars on top. Who doesn’t love glitter?!!

I haven’t made the Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding kit yet as I am saving it for my Christmas holidays. I will do a separate blog post on the kit later in December. Stay tuned!

To see (and buy) the full range of Free From Christmas products at Tesco visit: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/buylists/free-from/christmas

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