Big Easy: Gluten Free and Low Fodmap Review

Another restaurant Mr FFL and I loved pre-Fodmap was Big Easy – we used to enjoy wandering down the King’s Road and drinking frozen cocktails in the sun, followed by lobster and chips of course.

Since I have been on the low Fodmap diet, Big Easy have opened two more restaurants, one in Covent Garden and one in Canary Wharf.  We decided to head over to Canary Wharf, which is only a short walk from Canary Wharf tube station and situated next to the  roof garden above Crossrail place.

I had actually sent a Tweet to Big Easy before deciding to go to the restaurant, to enquire about dietary requirement.  They replied within a few days to say I could have my lobster steamed, so there would be no issue with onions and garlic and the chips were gluten free.  They also sent me a link to their gluten free menu.

Mr FFL and I arrived at Big Easy, and even though it was lunchtime, we got seated straight away.  I asked to speak to our server to discuss my menu options and confirm what I had been told on Twitter.

My server confirmed that my lobster would be steamed separately (to ensure there was no contamination) and that the chips were gluten free. The house salad is in a separate bowl on the side, so if following a low fodmap diet you do not need to worry about asking for it to be removed (in case of onions, etc).

I had 1.5 pounds of lobster and it tasted great. The kitchen did not give me any sauce to start off with because I had asked for a gluten free and garlic free dish. I spoke to my server and she gave me plain warm butter to dip my lobster in.

The chips are also really good – soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The food at Big Easy was as good as I remembered and I am looking forward to going back!

Big Easy have three branches in London; Kings Road, Chelsea; Covent Garden and Canary Wharf.

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