Interview with The Wee Foddie

I connected with fellow Fodmapper ‘The Wee Foddie’ on Instagram and we bonded over the Low Fodmap diet. If you are not on Instgram, i would suggest joining, I have met so many great people who are such a superb support in life and the Fodmap diet.

The Wee Foddie aka Sarah, is a fellow blogger from Scotland who is on the low Fodmap diet (just like me). Sarah started the low Fodmap diet in 2015, and how the time has flown by since! I have interviewed Sarah to get a different prespective on the Fodmap diet (to my own).

Sarah started on the Fodmap diet because she suffered from IBS-D and after trying out lots of different methods and diets to help alleviate her symptoms, she reached a point where her symptoms became unbearable. Sarah’s friend who is a dietitian recommended the diet to her and she decided to give it a go.

  • How did you find the elimination stage?

Initially I felt quite overwhelmed with all the food I couldn’t eat but I was at a time on my life where I had time to focus on the diet and it meant I could create meals where I didn’t feel like I was missing out. My dietitian gave me a booklet that helped me when it came to doing my supermarket shop. Eating out just wasn’t an option back when I was doing it, so I had to give that up for a little while too.

  • I find the reintroduction of foods the most difficult, how have you found this process? Do you have any tips for readers?

This is a difficult process for sure. When you get such great relief from the diet initially, the last thing you want to do is go ahead and set yourself back. For me, flare ups can last for days, so I was very apprehensive for this stage. I’ll be honest, I’m still working on introducing some food back into my diet. I try to introduce them when I don’t have too much on or over a weekend where I don’t need to worry about work commitments. I’d recommend recording a food diary, it’s a great way of tracking your symptoms and food you have eaten, I use

  • Where is your favourite place to eat out on a low FODMAP diet?

Eating out can be tricky as so many places aren’t aware of the FODMAP diet yet. I always try calling ahead or checking out the menu ahead of time. I would say a safe bet is Pizza Express as I know they don’t use garlic and onion on their gluten free pizza bases.

  • What is your favourite low FODMAP dish?

Probably a bit biased, but my prawn linguine recipe. I absolutely love seafood and it’s super quick and easy to make. It’s not on my blog yet, but it is saved on my Instagram stories (see link below).

  • Which is your favourite low FODMAP snack?

I’m probably going to go against all blogger rules here, but I’ve always been a sucker for crisps and can’t get enough of them, so any FODMAP friendly crisps I’d be happy with. Or peanut butter, I’m also found regularly sitting with the jar and a spoon.

  • How has the low FODMAP diet impacted your life?

After eating I no longer have the dreaded gurgling and wondering what lies ahead of me, so that’s a major positive that’s come from the diet. I still live day to day with IBS but things have improved for me and it’s given me more confidence in living with the condition. Following this diet was the reason I created my blog, so it has allowed me to meet like minded people, this has had a massive impact in my life, in that I no longer feel I’m on my own and it has allowed me to open up about it more.

To find out more about Sarah and enjoy her food inspiration, you can connect with her on the below channels:

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