My Old Dutch: Gluten Free and Low Fodmap Review

I have been to My Old Dutch a few times since being on the low Fodmap diet. I have always enjoyed the food and variety of the menu, and I wanted to pass this on to my readers.

My Old Dutch has three branches across central London, Chelsea, Kensington and Holborn.  I have been to the Kensington and Holborn branches.

My Old Dutch have a separate gluten free menu on their website, which really helps people with allergies and intolerances to understand what is on offer for them, before they go to sample the pancakes.  The gluten free options include all large savoury and sweet pancakes, breakfast pancakes, kids pancakes and lite options pancakes.

I have tried the savoury and sweet pancakes.  The two best things about My Old Dutch and their pancakes, are the size of the pancakes and the fact that even when you choose a gluten free option you still get the same size pancake as gluten full options! This is rare, often when buying gluten free products they are smaller or you have to pay extra for the same size, but not at My Old Dutch!

At my most recent visit I had my favourite (so far anyway), which is Nutella with fresh strawberries and ice cream! I just love chocolate and strawberries as a combination and then the added ice cream is lovely with the hot pancake.  Each pancake is around 30cm in diameter, so go there feeling hungry!!

As you can build your own savoury or sweet pancake, no matter which stage of the low Fodmap diet you are on, you can amend to suit your tummy.

I would definitley recommend for low Fodmap and gluten free diners, but also for everyone else too, as Mr FFL and my family vouch for the good quality pancakes.

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