Oblix, The Shard: Low FODMAP and Gluten Free Review

It was Mr FFL’s Dad’s 70th Birthday and he wanted to go to a nice restaurant in London to celebrate – instead of excitement my first thought was worry.  Before booking anywhere I did some research online, and one option that came up was Oblix at the Shard.

I rang up to speak to someone about dietary requirements, and the lady took notes of my low fodmap intolerances and took them away to speak to the kitchen.  I was rung back the same day  and was helped through the menu. Mr FFL’s Brother has coeliac disease so I had to ensure there were options with no gluten contaimination.

On the first Saturday evening in September, I felt confident turning up at Oblix, knowing I could have steak, gluten free chips and seperate low fodmap vegetables for my dinner.  Going into the Shard and taking the lift to the 32nd floor is definitley an experience, and coming out to the view of London from your dinner table, is amazing!

I must say one thing that made my experience ever more special, was our waiter, he was great with me and did not make me feel awkward at all.  He made sure to check which cockatils were gluten free before I ordered. We discussed which starter I might be able to have, and as I have a new obsession with Burrata, I wanted to start my night with that dish.  Our waiter into the kitchen to find out if any of the dressing had onions, garlic or mushroom in, but even the olive tapande didnt have these ingrediants in. So I was very happy!

For main I had a steak with gluten free chips.

The only flag I would highlight is that they use gluten full soya sauce in most of their dressings, so if you are coeliac or can not tolerate any contaimination, make sure the resturant are aware.

For pudding there were a few gluten free options, such as sorbet and chocolate truffles.  Our waiter went the extra mile (without being asked) and found out there was some chocolate flourless cake from lunch which we could have if we wanted.  I was actually very full at this point, so did pass, but thought it was very kind to check for us.

If you have been, let me know in the comments below. I would definitely go back for a special occasion

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