Aerial Hoop Yoga Class: Hype Fitness

I tried an Aerial Yoga class earlier this year at Hype Fitness and though I would go back again to try an Aerial Hoop Yoga class.

As I walked in the studio, the instructor was setting up the hoops – attaching them to the ceiling and putting out the crash mats below the hoops.

I was in a class with 7 other ladies. It was 2 people per hoop. I was there with my friend Sarah, so we took turns trying out the positions on the hoop.

I must point out that even though aerial hoop and aerial yoga both have the word yoga in the title; don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. For both classes you do need some upper body strength, to get up on to the hoop and to get into positions.  It is great fun but more body weight exercises than relaxing/flowing.

Chloe, our instructor, started us all with a warm up on the mat, some stretches and some yoga positions.

Once we were all warm, we headed to our hoops to try out some moves.  Sarah and myself were both beginners, so Chloe worked with us specifically to give us basic moves to start with.  The rest of the class jumped into some more advanced moves.

I managed to mount and dismount from the hoop on my first try.  Although when it came to actually sitting within the hoop, I struggled.  I think this was a mental issue rather than physical.  I waited a few minutes before trying again and asked Chloe to support me if i needed it.

I got into the hoop on my second try – I couldn’t stop smiling, I was so happy with my achievement.

A 60 minute class went past in no time.  Chloe and the other ladies in the class were all very supportive, motivating us newbies to try different positions and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

I will definitely be back, as its such a great class.  The achievement you feel from getting into a position on the hoop, is very different to completing a standard exercise class.

Hype Fitness is located at: 78-82 Lind Road, Sutton SM1 4PL

For more information visit:

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