Acro Yoga Dance x Wanderlust: Adidas Studio, Brick Lane

Adidas UK have a studio in London, at Brick Lane and all the classes at the studio are FREE!!

It was my first time at the studio, so I was looking forward to a tour of the space and checking out the range of protein shakes at the bar (obviously).

I was greeted by a lovely lady called Maddy, who is part of the duo ‘soulsistersfitness’. She signed me into my class and signed me up as a Member to the Adidas Studio (also free).

I headed upstairs to the locker room, to store my bags and freshen up.

I had a few minutes to spare before the class started, so I ordered my protein shake post class, logged on to the wifi and chilled on my phone for a bit.

At 7.45pm we were called up to the studio to start our acro yoga class.

We were asked to all sit in a circle in the middle of the studio, where the two instructors; Pip and Eugene from Acro Yoga Dance introduced themselves.  We all then introduced ourselves to the group and gave a brief description of our fitness journey.

To start the class we got into pairs and had to do some warm up style exercises.  They were fun clapping games, making you work with your partner (as none of us knew each other).  Pip and Eugene then showed us the first acro yoga move we would be trying ourselves. I would be lying if I said i didn’t feel nervous! Whether it was ‘flying’ or helping someone else to fly.

We were tasked with a mantra, to repeat over and over to ourselves whilst practicing: I trust myself, I trust you, I trust Brick Lane.

We worked on the basic ‘flying’ position in 3s, two working on the position and one spotting, for safety.  We then moved on to ‘flying’ without any hand support (below photo) and then the swan pose!

Both Pip and Eugene were brilliant instructors, and both of them gave me lots of confidence to get my body into the positions by acting as the base while i was ‘flying’.

There are more Acro Yoga classes at the Adidas Studio this week, so if you can make them, I would recommend the class.  Its challenging mentally and physically but left me feeling proud of myself, and ready to smash some goals this week.

Standard protein shake to end the class… (and the post).

Adidas Studio London:

Acro Yoga Dance:

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