Farm Girl Cafe: Brunch

When my specialist recommended I go on the low FODMAP diet, my good friend Carole was there at the hospital with me for moral support. She had also suffered with IBS type symptoms, so decided to give FODMAP a go.

So when I chose to take Carole out for a belated birthday brunch, I began to research gluten free brunch spots in London for her treat.

I found Farm Girl, Notting Hill, through someone I follow on Instagram and started to explore the menu.

There were so many different options on the menu we could choose from – which is a stark contrast to how I usually feel when looking at a menu.

I could eat all the brunch options, as long as they substituted the sourdough bread for gluten free bread. The brunch menu actually runs the whole time Farm Girl is open too!

So on a rainy Friday in September, we headed up to Notting Hill for brunch. We got there just after 11am and managed to get a seat straight away. Nearer lunch time people were having to queue outside in the rain just to get a seat!!

Firstly I chose a drink from the extensive drink menu. I couldn’t resist the butterfly matcha latte, which is blue!! It was made with almond milk and was really creamy!

For brunch I chose the buckwheat pancakes with amber maple syrup, peppermint and fresh strawberries with coconut shavings. The pancakes were tasty and soft. The strawberries added a lovely sweet flavour.

To finish Carole and I treated ourselves to one of the delicious looking gluten free cakes on display. I chose the lemon and blueberry cake for us to share. It was gorgeous especially the icing in the middle.

Farm Girl Cafe is located at 59a Portobello Road, London, W11 3DB.

For more information visit:

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