Arlo’s Steakhouse Brunch: Gluten Free Review

I had seen Arlo’s Steakhouse pop up on my Instagram feed and I realised I could have steak for brunch, so got Mr FFL down to Balham ASAP.

Arlo’s Steakhouse has two restaurants in South London, one in Balham and one in Battersea. Mr FFL and I decided to go to the Balham branch for all the steak!

I order the Bavette Steak Benedict, which is steak served on sourdough bread, with poached eggs on top.  Unfortunately Arlo’s does not provide gluten free bread, but when ordering I spoke to the waitress and she offered to add another item to my brunch, which I thought was great.  So I obviously added a side of smashed avocado! I also ordered an almond milk mocha to go with my food (basic Becky!).

The options for people who do not eat gluten, is quite varied as long as you do not mind missing out on bread.  I think the only option which we could not have on the menu is the Croque Moo’sieur (see what they did there!) as there is bread either side of the steak.  They even do a gluten free granola in case you are not in a steak mood before dinner.  All the steak dishes can be made low fodmap also, as the steak is just cooked in oil.

I enjoyed the food at Arlo’s, the eggs were such good quality (from Clarence Court Burford Browns).  The steak was good, it isn’t the best steak I have ever had (so far this is from Flat Iron) but it was good.  It is a different style of brunch and I would go back.

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