Promise Gluten Free Bakery: Products Review

At the Allergy and Free From Show in July, I was invited to a Bloggers Meet at the Show, where I got to meet some gluten free brands.  One of these brands was Promise Bakery from Ireland.  I had previously tried their Brioche Chocolate Chip Buns and Brioche Loaf and loved them both! Promise gave me 6 products to try (all gluten free of course) and I have reviewed them below.

Seeded Wholegrain Sandwich Rolls

These Promise Seeded Wholegrain sandwich rolls are great to have with a sausage from a BBQ or as a sandwich for lunch.  The seeds on top of the rolls add some great flavour.  I really enjoyed these.

Supersoft White Sandwich Rolls

The Promise Supersoft White Sandwiches rolls are really soft and fresh.  I don’t often pick a white roll (or bread) as I try to go with brown or wholemeal.  I made my roll with tuna mayonnaise and lettuce, it was delicious.

Super Seeded Loaf

The super seeded loaf is great to make sandwiches with – it is very flavoursome and the seeds give it that extra crunch. I like to have mine as an open sandwich (as this means more filling) with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Chia Loaf

I love the Promise Chia Loaf – I use it for toast and sandwiches.  I do feel that because the loaf has chia seeds in, it keeps me fuller for longer (this could just be me though).  The chia seeds add a nice flavour to the bread and makes it stand out from other brands.

Brioche Loaf

I have used the Promise Brioche Loaf for breakfast; for my traditional peanut butter and Nutella toast and also pictured below bacon and maple syrup. It’s such a great weekend treat and yummy as a sweet bread alternative.

Brioche Chocolate Chip Rolls

I think a lot of you would have tried these gluten free chocolate chip brioche rolls from Promise. They are amazing!! I heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds and the chocolate melts. I honestly ate all four in about 20 mins once. If you haven’t tried them I would recommend you going out and buying a pack (or two….).

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  1. Costco doesn’t carry this brand any longer. This is by far the best gluten free bread. Where can I but it?


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