Niche: Low FODMAP Menu and 100% Gluten Free Restaurant

Niche is located a few minutes walk from Angel Station, in North London and it is a 100% gluten free restaurant.

It has been on my list of places to visit, for a long time and as a friend who is also on the low fodmap diet suggested meeting, we thought this would be the perfect place.

Not only is Niche a 100% gluten free restaurant, they also have a low fodmap menu!! Yes, you did read that correctly! An actual low fodmap menu.  There is only one other place in the UK which I have seen has a low fodmap menu and that is in Glasgow.

I was very happy to be able to turn up to a restaurant and not ring ahead, in the knowledge I could eat anything on the low fodmap menu.

To start, we shared both low fodmap starters, smoked salmon on toasted sourdough with whipped herb spread and smoked ham hock and apricot terrine (also with sourdough bread).  Both starters were lovely but the ham hock was something different and delcious!  The meat was so tender.

For my main I actually chose from the main menu (still 100% gluten free), and slightly edited the burger.  As long as you have it without the sun dried tomato and onion relish, the burger can be low fodmap too.  The gluten free sesame bun that comes with the burger is delicious, I dont think you would know it is gluten free.

My friend chose the Chicken Supreme from the low fodmap menu and that was delicious, it has such a great flavour! I will definitley be getting this dish next time I go.

For pudding we again chose two items from the menu, to share, we just couldnt decide.  We can both tolerate lactose, so chose from the gluten free menu.  We had the White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Blondie and the Double Chocolate Cheesecake. I mean wow!! We couldn’t finish either but they both tasted amazing!!

The service at Niche was very good and the staff were very knowledgeable about the menu. They were also happy to edit menu items to suit our diet which was brilliant.

We also got to try some of their new gluten free vodka, which they hope to start making cocktails with, so look out for those soon.

Niche is a wonderful restaurant with a lovely atmosphere. Perfect for anyone on a gluten free or low Fodmap diet, or in fact even if you are not, you will love the food!!

Niche is located at 197-199 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4TJ.

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