Duck and Waffle: Low FODMAP Lunch

Duck and Waffle has been on my list of places to try for quite a few years, and once I found out they provide gluten free waffles, I knew it was where I wanted to go for my birthday.

Mr FFL and I headed off to the City on a VERY misty day in November to 110 Bishopsgate to experience the food and the views.

My first challenge was to brave the glass lift to the 42nd floor of the building.  I looked out for about 20 floors but then had to turn around – I love the views from a height but not actually getting there.  Once we got to the restaurant we realised we were not going to see much of London, as the fog was getting so bad you could hardly see the edge of the building.

Walking out the lift you are greeted by a beautifully tiled floor which leads into the trendy bar area.  We were taken straight to our seats.  I felt very lucky as our table was right next to one of the big windows.  Unfortunately as you will see below, there was no view.  This does mean I have to go back!!

For us Low Fodmappers, the all day menu does not have many options, but I wanted to go with their signature dish, the Duck and Waffle (gluten free of course), which I paired with the Green Tea.  Unfortuntatly the Spiced Duck Doughnut cannot be made gluten free, so I had massive FOMO when Mr FFL ordered this.

The Duck and Waffle dish was amazing, I loved the flavours and would love to have this dish again.  The duck tasted out of the world and worked so well with the maple syrup.

I have two criticisms of Duck and Waffle, firstly my green tea and Mr FFL’s cocktail did not come out until we had eaten most of our food.  As my green tea was meant to pair with the food, I found this a little odd.  Secondly, the whole experience seemed very rushed – I think we were out in under an hour, and Mr FFL had 3 courses.  The service was very good and friendly, I just felt I was unable to take in the whole ambience.

I do not want to end on a negative, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Duck and Waffle for my gluten free birthday cake, with candle.

I definitely want to go back to Duck and Waffle to try the weekend brunch menu.  If you have been before, do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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