MoreYoga: Clapham Studio

MoreYoga have kindly invited me down to try some of their studios across London before the Croydon studio opens on 23rd February 2019.

Moreyoga’s ethos is to make yoga more affordable and accessible and they are passionate about delivering quality yoga into new areas.

I am very much looking forward to the Croydon studio opening, as it will make a perfect addition to all the weights and cardio I do. I know I do not spend enough time stretching and relaxing, which will help both with my fitness journey and my IBS, so I am hoping Yoga can help me in many ways.

I booked in to try restorative yoga and meditation at the Clapham Junction studio on a Sunday evening. The Clapham Studio is a 5 minute walk from Clapham Junction Station, so very accessible.

I had never practiced restorative yoga before, so I was looking forward to trying something new. I got to the class a little early and discussed with the instructor about how the class would run. Restorative yoga combines Yin and Hath style yoga and allows you to hold the position for a longer time.

We started the class on the mat, with two blocks, a pillow and a blanket. I mean any class with a pillow and blanket is good with me!

To begin we needed to bring our energy levels down in our nervous system, so the first 5/10 minutes of the class were used to detach from the day and clear our minds.

We then went through a series of stretches, which we held for longer periods than a usual yoga class. I got to use the blocks and the pillow under my legs to relax muscles in my back as I held stretches.

To end the session we went through some guided meditation, either sitting up or lying down. I chose to lie down with the blanket covering me, and listened as the instructor talked us through the meditation.

I really enjoyed this type of yoga and it was the perfect way to relax at the end of a week.

I will update my blog with the different yoga classes I try over the next few weeks.

At the Croydon studio there are Pre-Opening Founder Memberships now available, which are currently 50% Off, £37.50 per month with no contract.

If you want any details on the new studio Moreyoga in Croydon, please do contact me.

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