Royal Parks Half Marathon Training Part 1

So a few weeks ago I signed up for the Royal Parks Half Marathon – this will be my first ever half marathon.

Currently the furthest I have ever run is 13km and a half marathon is 21km. So I need all the positive vibes I can get!

A bit of background about me – I have really only been running for three months; my friend and I signed up for a 60 min spin class, followed by a 10km run followed by 60 mins yoga, so I thought I better get outside and practice running.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I did some running on my own and dragged my boyfriend along for some runs, for moral support.

I never really got into running because of my asthma – I always felt I would struggle with the breathing but I actually think this makes my achievements that much sweeter.

I am conscious that I am a slow runner, I have good general fitness levels to get the runs done but not at pace (yet…).

I usually go to the gym 5/6 times a week, which I did a mix of lifting weights and classes, such as F45.

I am hoping by October, using the Royal Parks training plan, I can cut my running times down significantly.

I started the Royal Parks training plan in the last week of June, 16 weeks before the half marathon.

In week one, I completed two strength session, went to one fitness event (dance and barre) and did three training runs, 4/5/6 miles.

I had to do my first treadmill run for the 6 miler as the weather was too hot to run outside (for me). I can honestly say that running outside is a million times better than running in a gym.

I have just completed week two of the training plan.

I smashed out a 4 mile run on Tuesday evening but on Thursday I had a 5 mile run to do and it was very hot!! I managed the run, with help from the boyfriend but it was a slow run!

I had a busy weekend with the Allergy and Free From Show all weekend, but want to at least complete my 7 mile run, which I did. I also did a cheeky 5km run before the show on Saturday, to keep my body moving. I also completed two strength session in week 2.

I am really enjoying the training plan and having a goal to work for.

I think my main motivation is the fact I want to complete this 13.1 miles in a good time.

Stay tuned over the next few months for more training updates, nutrition and recipes.

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